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Full Dentures

Full Dentures
  • An alternative cost sensitive solution to implant retained dentures are traditional dentures.
  • Full Dentures are simple removable plates that form completely natural looking false teeth.
  • Simple to remove, clean and care for, dentures have been a confident go-to solution for Abstract Arch’s clients.
  • Partial Dentures include replacing broken or missing individual teeth by inserting a plate around your natural teeth.
  • Our dentures are designed so that you are able to chew proper foods like a steak and improve your confidence to smile again.
  • Each patient is unique, thus all consultations and denture solutions are uniquely designed with unrivalled attention to detail in the industry.
  • The experience of our professionals also ensures that you’ll be provided with expert care instructions on preserving the health of your gums and longevity of your dentures.
  • We also work with emergency repairs.


There are a number of reason why Abstract Arch’s distinguished Denture Clinic has been operating in North East Melbourne for over 30 years. When you visit us, you’ll be greeted by Gregory Nash who offers expert advice and an honest, transparent personalised service.Greg utilises the latest advances in denture technology to craft attractive aesthetic solutions for your smile.The laboratory where we will craft your solution is located on our clinic premises, which ensures that all discussions that we have in the surgery are transposed to the final dentures. Our goal is to provide you with confidence in your appearance and to improve your health, focusing on reducing future damage and risk by offering the following solutions:

Expert Advice with
Full Treatment Planning Personalised Service

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